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Ana M Briongos, (Barcelona, Spain, 1946) I have a university degree in Physics but I'm primarily a writer and well-seasoned traveller. I studied literature at Tehran University in Iran, and worked in Iran and Afghanistan as a consultant and interpreter for nearly ten years.

Between 1982 and 1992, I worked at Interway, an international student exchange organisation.

Now, I live in Barcelona and spend my time writing and giving lectures on the countries I know best, Iran, Afghanistan and India. I also work as a volunteer teacher at Bayt Al Thaqafa, a non-profit organization for immigrants.

Being a former professor, I have a comprehensive knowledge of the Islamic world and also I have a passion for adobe architecture, Persian poetry, bazaars, deserts, the Hindu Kush mountains, the plains of Central Asia, and above all, the people who inhabit these places.

Ana M Briongos en Mandi, India. Fotografia: Toni Catany. 2005


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