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Welcome to my Webpage. I'm Ana M Briongos, a traveller who writes about her experiences and observations in various countries, most notably Iran, Afghanistan and India. I have spent a great deal of time in these places, and they form part of a life of adventure that began in 1968, a long time ago.

'The paths around the world make up a school which tempers the character and reinforces tolerance and solidarity. You learn to give and take, to keep the doors open in the house of the spirit, and above all to share.

You learn to enjoy small things, to value what you have, to be happy in times of scarcity and to celebrate abundance. You learn to listen, to observe, and to love.'

(Ana M Briongos, Black on Black. Iran Revisited, Lonely Planet)

Ana M Briongos. Fotografia: Pedro Madueño


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